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Bicon SHORT® Implants

The Bicon SHORT® Implant is an example of a time proven geometric design that successfully transfers the occlusal forces on its prosthesis to its surrounding bone by appropriately integrating the following features: a bacterially-sealed, 1.5 degree locking taper abutment to implant connection and a sub-crestally placed, sloping shouldered implant with a plateaued tapered root form body.

With Bicon SHORT® Implants you can:

  • Avoid vital structures
  • Minimize bone grafting procedures
  • Maximize implant placement possibilities
  • Increase patient acceptance
  • Offer a clinically proven solution
  • Offer single unit restorations without splinting

This video provides an introduction to Bicon SHORT® Implants, their history, the science behind their design, and how they can help maximize implant placement possibilities and minimize the need for grafting procedures.


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